Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FML 40 -She foretells my future

This happens to me not very often, but quite a few times I remembered. When I was young, I wasn't doing very well academically.

I have bare memory of my kindergarten. All I remember is toys and snacks that I begged my dad to buy for me, swings, and of course friends! I don't remember what I have learned in my kindergarten year at all to be honest. I remember how my teacher won't let me go home unless I finished that one test. That one test I will remember forever and ever. My mom had to sit beside me and literally tell me the answers: "This is duck", so I drew a line connecting the word "duck" and a picture of "duck" and so on! How embarrassing hey! But at least from then onwards, I know what a duck is! HAHA!

Junior High
Then it comes to Junior High. Of course I know how to sing ABC and count 123. Other than that, the purpose of going to school was just play and to meet friends? Not that lucky of course. I remember how my grade 1 teacher used to hate me to the max! She would always call my name up front, beat me with her lovely stick, and ask me to half squat throughout the lessons. Again embarrassing! She thinks I AM STUPID! Then Grade 2 was better, a lovely younger teacher who do love me and so I love her back by doing a bit better in class. I improved slowly in my learning just for her favor. Then Grade 3 was the best. I was arranged to the "green" class aka class with helpless student. Why? Because we had a substitute teacher and her last name is the same as mine. I also had the best tuition teacher ever. The encouragement and support from both of them made those negative predictions made by my Grade 1 teacher less likely to be true. And soon enough I became very popular in the class. And I guess I was stupid, but not that stupid in the "worst" class. I managed to get into the top 3! And my mom was so proud that she made sure everyone knew that I was a Top 3 student. I remembered passing by my old grade 1 classroom, seeing my grade 1 teacher looking back and me. Then she told her grade 1 class how stupid I am. Great...

Well, I guess you are wrong, my grade 1 teacher!

Because of my excellent performance in grade 3, I was being arranged into the best class in grade 4. Studying with a whole class of nerds was pretty stressful and yet benefiting at the same time. I was smart in the "worst" class, but not smart enough in the "best" class. So I made it to the last 5 in my grade 4. But one thing I am proud of? I am never the last, never ever! Someone is even stupid that me hahaha. Sorry! In the next three years, I was able to make it into the top 10! Congrats me now! Is it great? See the improvement and the growing in three years. During UPSR aka the biggest test ever in primary school, I got 5As out of 7. Impressive huh grade 1 teacher.

Again, I guess you are wrong, my grade 1 teacher! 

You couldn't believe I can get 5As/7 in UPSR (grade 6)
You couldn't believe I can get 7A's/8 in PMR (grade 9)
You couldn't believe I can get 11As/12 in SPM (grade 11)
You couldn't believe I am now pursuing my study in a university overseas!

Lesson 40= Parents or educators should be cautious in assuming that the future of your child or your student may be predicted directly based on their current performance. Whether we are excelling or not has little bearing on how we will do as an older student. We change. So be optimistic!

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