Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FML 37 - Got on the wrong bus

Someday you just want to go home as soon as possible right after work because you are so dead tired. So you drag yourself to the bus stop and get on the bus you have been taking all the time. And yet, it was a little too late to realize that you were on the wrong bus!

Yup, I got on the bus that come at the usual time. Half way through, I realized the bus is heading to a different direction! I thought the bus driver was new and not knowing the route as this happens quite frequently. But no, the driver was right and I was wrong. Thanks goodness, I was familiar with that bus route and knew where it was going, or else I would freak out. At the end, it took me an extra half an hour than usual to get home. Sigh...lesson learned!

Lesson 37 = Open your eyes big and wide and make sure that is the right bus! LOL

Monday, May 23, 2011

FML 35 - No camping on the long weekend

No fires, no booze, no fun?

So you really like camping, and you wait and you wait and you wait all winter, and then you wait for May long weekend to come and then what happens? There is fire ban. And the weather forecast is not looking great. And the rising gas price? Not so great I tell ya. It is like a big wet blanket on the plans.

With the money ti takes for gas now, plus the fire ban, plus the cloudy, raining day, it just seems like not worth it.

Lesson 35 = Don't be dampened by the forecast. If you have been planning it for a long time, you can't call it off at this point because of the forecast or fire ban. Let's head to somewhere else!

Friday, May 20, 2011

FML 34 - Still raining

If you refer to my previous post, I mentioned that it would be unlucky when you forget your umbrella at home when you are outside in the rain.

Right here, hot weather is not in the forecast over the weekend. Saturday will be the warmest day of the week at 20 degree Celsius and cloudiness is expected on Friday and Saturday, while showers are in the forecast for Sunday and Monday.

I think it is okay to have rain one in a while, but what if the rain won't stop? What if it is going to rain for the next 7 days? That is not so great because that means all the outdoor activities will have to be limited too.

Spring and summer are already very short here, so we always want to make the most out of it. And yet now you are forecasting rainy day for the next few days?

Sigh, that is so unlucky!

Lesson 34 = Hopefully Mr. Sun would feel better and greet us soon?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

FML 33 - When it is raining ...

And you don't have your umbrella. This is what happened to me today. Even with a jacket with hoodies, it didn't save me from becoming "down soup chicken" ( a term that only Chinese would understand, xoxo) or in English term, I am all wet!

Lesson 33 = Don't forget to check the weather forecast before heading down of the door especially now that it is spring and summer. Bring your umbrella and embrace yourself in the lovely spring shower haha!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FML 32 - Suck at short answer questions...

Well, remember the day when I mentioned how multiple questions suck before? Yes, and now I am complaining about how short answer questions suck too!

Yes, I hate multiple questions because they are very misleading! But on the other hand, it is quite easy.

For short answer questions, it sucks when you have no idea of the topics being tested. When you didn't study, or you somehow forgot, or you just skip that topics. For whatever reasons they are, you just have no single idea what to write on that piece of blank paper! Your monolog will turns into something like this, "Sh*t! I should have read this, how can I forget, I am going to get zero on this! Dang it!"

Lol, tell me you did!

Lesson 32 = Choose whatever you like. Choose multiply questions because they are quicker and short answer to test your true knowledge of the subject.

Monday, May 16, 2011

FML 31 - Pay more than what you should be paying for wireless phone

You think you have a $35 plan. But unexpectedly you are paying over $100 per month.

Paying $6.95 for system access fee aka profit for those providers who charge it.

Paying $0.75 for 911 aka emergency services. I don't think we should pay it in order to access emergency services. I thought they are trying so hard to promote equal access to health care system?

Being overcharged for overages data usage? I thought they mentioned unlimited data usage before?

Ouch for paying so much for the $35 plan! I am tired of the pile-on.

Lesson 31 = Read all the fine prints before signing a contract with your providers. Or be smart enough to choose a provider who does not charge you these fees. Or go for prepaid phone. Or just be phoneless haha.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

FML 30 - Taking spring and summer classes

The exams are done, the books stashed away and many students who have spent their eight months in the university hunched over desks indoors are looking to get out and get active!

I am a university student. This time of year is usually the time to relax, to have fun, to do whatever I want, to find a job, and to earn summer income. However this would not be the case for this year as I am taking spring courses and also summer courses, meaning I don't have any summer holiday at all. Then very soon, I will have courses in fall too.

Spring course is a mandatory, so no one has any choice. But summer courses, I myself decided it just because I want to graduate earlier. At least by December, I would have finished all the necessary courses and trainings. After 7 months of intense studying and trainings, I would be a free man! Oops, actually a free girl! haha!

Lesson 30 = Take a break when you don't have any classes or exams. Or study with the sun, beers, and sunglasses!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FML 29 - My phone dies

Yes, my phone finally ends her life, after living for almost 3 years. Well not quite 3 years, it is 2 years and 8 months to be exact.

I was so in love with this Sony Ericsson before. The vibrant red colour just caught my eyes. However, the longer I used it, the more tear and wear it starts to show. And finally it came to a point where it could no longer hold the charger properly, giving me a hard time to charge the phone. I have to try to save the phone battery by turning it off most of the time, causing me to miss all the phone calls. What is the point of carrying a phone when you turn it off and miss the text or calls. So unrealistic.

The reason why I still kept it is because I can't afford for any other phone. I want a Blackberry or Iphone which is way too expensive. And I am the type of person which I would go for the best and extreme instead of a temporary cheap things. That is why I still hold on to this phone.

But of course it finally loses the battle. R.I.P Sony Ericsson. You had done a good job and had been very loyal. But it is time to switch.

Lesson 29 = It is time to get an Iphone 4. Should I wait for Iphone 5?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FML 28 - Gasp! Overspending

When you have credit card, you think you have a lot of money to spend...

When you spend money using credit card, unconsciously you spend more than what you can afford to... 

In the end, your credit card is racked up each month because of overspending... you have credit card debt...

You ended paying high interest if you didn't pay it off...

And you will have a bad credit if you didn't pay the minimum amount...

Bad idea to have a credit card if you don't know how to control your spending...

Lesson 28 = Need I to say more, it is better not to get a credit card, then you won't overspend!

Monday, May 9, 2011

FML 27 - Vacation is ruined

Accidents never take a vacation. Getting sick or injured when you are away from home isn’t only bad timing, it can be expensive. In Canada, provincial health coverage may not cover you for medical expenses outside of your province and out-of-country hospital bills can add up fast.

When travel mishaps ruin your vacation…Unlucky.

Lesson 27 -Invest in quality travel medical insurance to protect you and your family from unexpected expenses and unwanted headaches when you are on vacation in Canada or abroad.

Friday, May 6, 2011

FML 26 - Chipped windshield

Is the chip visible? Yeah, I think so.

Snow is officially gone, and spring is officially here! How exciting! But warn you though, once the snow melts, the pebbles would start to go bam, bam, bam. And you know they always choose the "right" place to hit. I know exactly where I chipped mine – it was on my way to work driving down Deerfoot Trail. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

FML 25 - Not so great first date

First date is always exciting and nerve-wrecking. You are anticipating for the best and hoping it will turn out well. You are having butterflies in your stomach. You are very conscious and careful with your every word, movement, behavior, attitude. In addition, there are few more things you ought to bring to your first date – charm, humor, smile, wit, heart, soul, breath mints and don't forget a small mirror to check for spinach haha, but...THERE IS ALWAYS A BUT... there are also some things you should leave at home. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FML 23 - Stressed to the MAX

School work are so intense that the piling assignments, papers, clinicals, lectures are driving me nuts!

Work are starting to get busier with increasing workload and they are driving me nuts!

If you keep slogging harder days and longer hours, you will discover a source of inner energy you never knew you had: your snapping point. Strange things happen to good people when they reach that limit: Cool heads detonate, steel nerves melt, grown adults mature backward through time.

Yup no doubt, this is the stage I am experiencing right now. A complete melt-down...donwdowndowndowndown...

Remember 23 = Chances are, you won’t even remember this crazy day five years from now. So relax and take a deep breath in

Monday, May 2, 2011

FML 22 - Gas price is ridiculously high

Canada gas price in 2011 has been hiking!
Have the current gas prices got your down? I am pretty sure everyone would shout out "YES". Hi-five if you agree with me! Yes indeed... the gas price is so high that I don't even wanna fill in my pump. The price has been jumping to 121.9 per liter when it was like 97.9 just a couple months ago? What is going on seriously? It is getting to a point where drivers will have to take transit, carpool, stay home and not drive, or cutting family budget in order to pay for the gas. Ridiculous huh? 

It sucks when the weather just getting better, road just getting clearer, and you have to stay out of the road due to the high gas price. 


Lesson 22 = Be aware that trying to make up time in traffic with frequent speed changes, quick starts, hard braking and other uneconomical driving habits can increase your fuel consumption by up to 25 percent or around $500 a year in wasted fuel. So you know what you can still do to cut down the expense despite the high gas price.