Thursday, June 30, 2011

FML 42 - Are you one of the many students in majors you are not happy about

*Dislike* nursing major
I started out as a nursing major in 2008, but the thought of switching out of the program has never left my mind. Every day, every semester, every year, I am in deep thought whether I should continue to do this-wake up every morning realizing this is not what I want and definitely not spending the rest of my life doing what I don't like to do.

Having an Asian Family
In Asian culture, you follow blindly to what your parents or your family ask you to do. You obey, you don't override their kind "suggestions". So this is how I got into nursing. I know what my passion is, so do they, but again, you gotta do what you have been told. Like they say, nursing is a promising job with secure income and job stability. Yes, I agree with that, but what about my passion?

My art, my life
I want to go into artistic route. That is what I want. I can stay up all night long, creating new fresh crazy ideas. I am always intrigued by all the creative works by others. I have a love for CREATIVITY/ART. Wong Fu Productions is a great inspiration to me. It is shouting out to all the Asian American to bring out the young talent you have! Just like what Wes has said, "it’s crucial to nurture the creative side no matter what, despite other influences you have from parents or friends".

Mission accomplishment countdown
Now that I am almost graduating in 5 and a half month. I will be completing the so called family's mission. I will be entering into the so called "solid" career field. Finally, I can pursue a different major. I need to grow personally and creatively. There is nothing wrong to pursue "non-traditional" careers or even the arts as a hobby, right?

Lesson 42 = Don't limit yourself to what you're "told" to do. Rebel your strict upbringing if you dare!

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